OBJECT‐ORIENTED, combining different features including weave, knit, print, drape seamlessly. Enables users to create a design and instantly visualize how it looks on a final product with just a few mouse clicks.

All‐new ESSENTIAL TOOLS for fashion design. Help users create freely and quickly.

Sophisticated REPEAT TOOLS for creating print repeats. Automatically generates unlimited number of repeat combinations of any print design from given components.

BUILT‐IN KNIT STRUCTURE LIBRARY for designers to draw beautiful designs in stitches or technical symbols.

Enables PREVIEW OF KNIT EFFECT and layout of panels without actual sample produced.

A smart and quick WEAVING TOOL for fabric design and simulation. Simply select the warp and weft yarns in the yarn palette to create realistic fabric designs. Specifications sheet with information including yarn count, width & density, number of repeats, weave structure and more can be automatically generated.

Smart PHOTOGRAPH COLOURING TOOLS for designers to create different colour layers in the image. Brilliant for building a whole colour range

Exciting Series of GENERATORS offer thousands of design‐combo ideas with just a few mouse clicks.

A comprehensive collection of PROFESSIONAL DRAWING & DESIGN TOOLS to assist designers from freehand sketching to storyboard development. The tools include a broad palette of colours; pattern‐fill, rotate image and more.

A readily‐made LIBRARY OF PANELS enables users to create own styles in no time, including Panels; Sleeves; Plackets; Necklines; Pockets and much more.

MULTI‐PAGE DESIGN made ready directly for presentation. No need to convert them to other PowerPoint for presentation.

Intuitive USER INTERFACE with built‐in Learning program. Easy to learn and use.

AFFORDABLE. [Download Registration Form]

WORLD‐CLASS infrastructure. Multi‐site, Multi‐servers

And more much more . . .


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